Additional Information for Specific TLDs

General Guidelines for ccTLDs

Distinguishing Person and Organization Handles

For the majority of ccTLDs, we classify handles into two categories: person (format = 'COTO-P-xxxxx') and organization (format = 'COTO-O-xxxxx'). For instance, a person handle might look like 'COTO-P-1234567'.

Mandatory Contact Types: the roles of admin, tech, and billing contacts are exclusively assigned to person-type handles.

Creating Person-contact Handles

When generating person handles, follow these rules:

    If the new person handle is created, it will adhere to the format 'COTO-P-XXXXX'.

Exception for .FR Domains:

Creating Organization-contact Handles

For generating organization handles, follow these steps:

If the newly created handle is an organization type, it will follow the format 'COTO-O-XXXXX'.

The policies and registration rules for many country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) differ from those of generic top-level domains (gTLDs), and they also vary among themselves. If you are considering registering a ccTLD, we recommend checking the additional information in our Terms and Conditions (T&C):

5) Addendum of T&C if you register one of the following domains: 

.ag .at .army, .navy, .airforce      
.be .berlin .biz .build .bz  
.ca .ch .cn .courses .cz  
.de .dk .doctor      
.eco .ee .es .eu    
.fi .fr        
.hamburg .hn        
.ie .im .in .info .io .it
.lc .li .london .lu    
.me .mn .mobi      
  .net .nl .nu    
.sc .se .sk .study    
.tel .travel        
.uk .us        
.vet .vc        
.xxx .xyz        

One of the most important aspects to consider is the renewal timeframe. This refers to the period within which you must renew your domain if you wish to keep it before it expires. When we send you a renewal reminder, we provide the latest renewal date along with the expiration date. It is crucial to renew your domain before the "latest renewal date." Failure to do so may result in the need to pay a restoration fee in addition to the renewal fee, even if the expiration date has not yet been reached.

.AT Renewal and Deletion Policy

To find the service period of an .AT domain, follow these steps:
When .AT domain is deleted by the end of the current service period:
If an .AT domain is explicitly deleted:
To delete an .AT domain:
If an .AT domain is not renewed and has expired:

Registration and Modifications of .DK Domains

Upon completing the registration process, the owner-contact will receive an email with a login ID and PIN code. These credentials are needed to log in to the registry site and activate their domain name. Failure to complete this activation within four (4) days will result in the deletion of the domain.

General modifications including changing name servers for .dk domains can only be performed on the Hostmaster-DK Self-Service:

For more information please refer to

Please see also: .dk Domain Transfer and Change of Registrant

.IT and .DK Domains - Registrant's Contact Type Verification

Just like .se domains, the owner contacts for .it and .dk domains also have specific requirements:

It's essential to ensure that the owner's contact information matches the correct type; otherwise, the domain registration will not be successful.

.BE Domains - Registrant's Verification at Initial Registration

BE-nic activates domain names only after validating the contact details of the domain name holder. Please, refer to this article for more information about contact validation:

.SE Domains - Registrant's Contact Type Verification

When registering a .se domain, the registrant is required to provide additional information, specifically the organization or personal identification number of the registrant.

From time to time, the .se registry checks the registrants' records for .se domains. If this ID is incorrect or of the wrong type, they may suspend or even delete the domain. Therefore, at the moment of registration, please ensure the following:

.CN Domains - Real Name Verification (RNV)

After registration, renewal, or transfer of a .cn domain, there are special requirements of the registry CNNIC to meet before the domain will become active.

Update: As of August 1st, 2022, .cn domains can only be renewed when the Registrant Contact ID has passed RNV!

  • A .CN registration or transfer will show a "PENDING" status within the first 5 days from registration submission.
  • A .CN registration or transfer will bypass the PENDING status only if the REGISTRANT ID (see below) has previously been verified (or whitelisted) by CNNIC.
  • Supporting documents (see below) have to be uploaded here after the registration or transfer, or in case the RNV is requested for existing .cn domains (you have to be logged in to upload the documents).
  • In the event that the supporting documentation provided does not match the Registrant Name or if no supporting documentation is submitted, the Real Name Verification will FAIL, and the domain name will then be deactivated until a correct set of supporting documentation is received and accepted by CNNIC.
  • A .cn domain that cannot be renewed because of a missing or failed Real Name Verification (RNV) will be deleted.
Documentation Requirements:

China-based Company Registrations need to provide the following:

  • If the registrant is a business/organization, then the registrant's name and the organization cannot be the same. For this type of registrant, you will need to submit a Business Registration Certificate (BRC). Additionally, the registrant contact also has to provide a personal document/ID.

China-based Individual Registrations need to provide the following:

  • If the registrant is an individual, then the registrant's name and organization name must be the same. For individual registrants, you must submit an ID.

Company Registrations based outside of China need to provide the following:

  • A copy of corporate documentation that shows it is a legal entity (e.g., Articles of Incorporation, business license). Additionally, the CNNIC audit system only allows one page to be uploaded. Only the first page of the license, which mentions the official company name, has to be provided.

Individual Registrations based outside of China need to provide the following:

  • A copy of government-issued identification for the Registrant must match what is listed in WHOIS (must be a valid passport).


  • All files should be in .JPG format, no less than 100KB and no more than 1MB in size.
  • The CNNIC audit system only allows one page to be submitted.
  • China-based companies should only provide the first page of the BRC.

.XXX Domains

Once you successfully purchase a .XXX domain, you will receive an email from ICM, the .XXX domain registry. In this email, you will find a link that you need to click on in order to complete the authentication process on the ICM website.

This verification process is essential to ensure that the .XXX registry has accurate and verified information about the registrant of the .XXX domain(s).

For additional details regarding .XXX domain applications and policies, please visit the ICM registry.

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