This section provides instructions on Inter-Registrar Transfers, Internal Transfers, and Change of Registrant (Owner-Change) Procedures.

Transferring Domains to

According to ICANN regulations, when transferring domains between registrars, the Gaining Registrar ( must initiate the process. To begin, needs to obtain express authorization from either the Registered Name Holder or the Administrative Contact. This authorization is fulfilled by possessing the AUTH-ID. You can find more information about the transfer policy here:

The transfer policies and rules may vary from registry to registry, for more information and examples please also refer to our Specific ccTLDs: Transfers article.

Prepare for the Transfer

Note: Generally, the domain must be registered for at least 60 days before a transfer is possible.

Initiate the Transfer

1. Log in, and click the "Transfer a Domain to" button:

2. Enter the domain name you want to transfer (without "www."), click "Transfer Domain"

3. Enter the AUTH-ID (epp-code) obtained from your current Registrar, click "Proceed":

4. Add the contacts:

You can either create new contacts, or use already existing. See also:

What are Domain Contacts?

Creating and Modifying Contacts

Please note: due to GDPR regulations and technical reasons, we cannot automatically transfer your existing domain contact data.

5. Choose your nameservice:

Tip: If you are currently using the name service of the initial registrar, it is best to choose our equivalent, the free name service. Our system will attempt to read and accept your current name server entries. You can add and confirm them before starting the transfer: click on "edit DNS records" on the next page.

You may also consider using our free DNSSEC option for secure name services.

6. Add privacy service, if desired: