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Whois Privacy

Protect your privacy using the available Whois Privacy options for domains.
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Two Factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication is an optional but highly recommended security feature, that adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Once enabled, you will need a six-digit security code in addition to your password, whenever you log in to
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Comprehensive Domain Management

Comprehensive Domain ManagementControl virtually all aspects of your domain. Online and directly. Activate 'Domain Locking', making your domain resistant to unintended changes. Use your own nameservers, enable DNSSEC. Pinpoint the Whois output.
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URL Forwards

Make your existing websites available using your own domain. Transform '' into ''. Optionally make use of masking, so your domain will still be seen in the browsers, or with automatic activation and deactivation.
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Email Addresses

Get the maximum from your mail boxes - upgrade them by using your own domains. For all the family. Move '' into '' - without touching your existing mail box. Benefit also from the included professional SPAM and virus filtering.
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Comprehensive Nameservice Control

Comprehensive Nameservice ControlManage your IP addresses, website- and mail server names, as many subdomains as you want, IPv6 and much more. Make use of Dynamic DNS, adapt the TTL to your needs, and schedule nameserver changes in advance using our automatic smart records.
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Status Alerts

You will always be kept on track. You will get reports by email for any change of your domain, and for any change which is made to name service. You will also be informed when it is time for renewals.
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Unique Roles & Permissions Management

Use our comprehensive and unique rights, roles and permissions management. Assign domain permissions to other users, and delegate tasks like renewal or administration. Grant partial or full access, or even re-assign the full ownership of a domain.
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