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your advantages when you register a .wien domain with JOKER.COM

  • Only EUR 3.45 per month (Only EUR 1.25 during the promo)
  • No setup fees, no hidden costs, ICANN fee included
  • Pay comfortably with your credit card or Paypal
  • Protect your privacy using WHOIS Privacy

.wien domain overview

price per month
Special price valid until 2020-04-30
EUR 1.25
instead of EUR 3.45
price per year EUR 14.95
instead of EUR 41.40
Renewal price EUR 41.40 What does a transfer to JOKER.COM cost?
(One domainyear included)
EUR 41.40
Is WHOIS Privacy for this domain possible? Yes Are IDN names possible? Yes
Can I use the Trustee Service? T Nein Runtime 1 year

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